One Drink More

by Ronesh

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It's been seven years since my last sip of alcohol. It hasn't always been easy but I'm pretty sure any other path would have been disastrous for me. "One Drink More" is a reflection on the choices and circumstances that got me to this point.


I remember really gettin drunk for the first time
14 years old back in '99
Same year started smoking reefer gettin high
Fridays after school might cop a dime
15, 16, started sippin more
Every now and then posted by the liquor store
The mission we on tonight? Let's see if we can find somebody
To cop a few bottles, then we try & find a party
Get a lil bit tipsy, nothin too crazy
I didn't like the taste of booze at the time, I'd rather blaze trees
Graduated high school in '02 with no clue of what would soon await me
Time to go to college now, headed down to U of I
Trying to redefine the answer to the question who am I?
Introvert noticed that the drink gave me confidence
Things really haven't been the same since

It go 1 shot 2 shot 3 shot 4
5 shot 6 and I still want more
That's just the pregame we ain't even out the door
Put these bottles in the sky til we fall to the floor
It go 7 beer, 8 beer, 9
If I have 9 then 10's prolly fine
Don't remember much past 11 or 12
Wake up the next day and I hate myself

A couple of months before I turned 18
I was arrested by the Champaign City Police
I don't even know what happened, guess I must have blacked out
Stumbled into a random building, they found me passed out
On a medical exam table, Only know the details
from the papers that they gave me on my way up out the jail
Told myself I'd learned my lesson for sure
All I really did was try and drink a bit less than before
Same patterns for the next few years
Sad but I'm numb so I shed few tears
Feeling like life ain't shit, so why live it?
Never drove drunk until them nights that I did it
To this day, couldn't explain why I did it
Lucky to be alive, three times the limit
All praises due - nobody was hurt
Done a lot of dumb shit, but this prolly the worst

I guess I had to have 1 drink more,
Maybe 2 or 3, hell, why not 4
One last trip down to the liquor store
Tellin lies to myself I don't know what for
Sippin on my drink, actin like a fool
Tryin not to black out but it's prolly what I'll do
Don't remember much from a whole lotta nights
Losin hope lord knows gotta change my life

I remember really gettin drunk for the last time
Years later I can still taste the Racer 5
And I still salivate from time to time
When I see Hennessey, my heart rate starts to rise
Alcohol is everywhere, peep the way it's advertised
Folks be lookin at you crazy if you say you don't imbibe
Not even a glass of wine? You don't even own a car,
it ain't like you have to drive - one won't get you drunk & plus I'm buyin'
Thanks but no thanks, if I said I don't drink
Respect that or step back and go do ya own thing
Maybe you can have just one
Everybody ain't you don't be quick to make assumptions
I went way off track
It took many long years just to find my way back
Straight and narrow path but it's filled with mines
Every day another hill to climb

It go 1 and to the 2, 3 and to the 4,
5 6 7 years clean but of course
Think about it in my dreams cause I still want more
Sip coffee like a fiend just to fill that void
Stickin to my path, stickin to the script
Still I reminisce about sippin on a fifth
Just another romance that turned ugly
Cause I loved that drank but it never loved me


released May 31, 2017
Written, Produced, Recorded & Mixed by Ronesh
Mastered by Sage Audio



all rights reserved


Ro Knew Oakland, California

Ranging from vintage-sounding, organic hip-hop to futuristic, 808-heavy dubstep & bass music, Ro Knew's various soundscapes are tied together by the common elements of soul-shaking drums, thick basslines, and light-hearted but honest lyricism. Equal parts MC, producer, and selector, Ro Knew connects with audiences in a way that moves bodies, inspires independent thought, & brings people together. ... more

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